Summer Edition

The Concept

Every year since 1995, Issey Miyake celebrates Summer by inviting artists to reinvent his pioneering fragrances. In 2018, the designer weaves two of the major themes that drive his aesthetics, typography and Nature, by showcasing the collaboration of two young French creators with very different approaches and sensibilities.


Tyrsa perfected his unique lettering style as a tag artist, before focusing on typography.
A graduate from the Gobelins School of visual communication, the graphic artist follows a simple goal:
“To reinvent the letter, but never lose its meaning. Or its beauty.”

Alice Auboiron designs vegetal compositions with living plants. Her studies at the Duperré School of applied arts led her to scenography, drawing her inspiration from the myriad forms of flora.
To her, “nature is a universal vector of emotion”.

The Design

In this uniquely original collaboration, Tyrsa carved out the quirky, elegant letters he designed as windows opening onto the luxuriant summer-scape that sprang from Alice Auboiron’s rich imagination and nimble fingers.

Captured in a photo shoot, the eye-catching, vibrantly colored lettering decorates the iconic bottles and packaging of the summer editions of L’Eau d’Issey and L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme.

In a continuing collaboration with Issey Miyake throughout the year, Tyrsa and Alice Auboiron are currently working on a winter theme.


Scents in a Summer state of mind

Laced with juicy tropical fruit by master perfumer Alberto Morillas (Firmenich), Issey Miyake’s two iconic scents capture the spirit of Summer. For a cool spritz under the sun, both scents are offered in non-photosensitizing formulas.
Passion Fruit
of Vanilla

L’Eau d’Issey Eau de Toilette pour l’été

Radiantly feminine, the fruity floral scent opens with a splash of tangy grapefruit and tart lychee. Their freshness blends with a sparkling heart of passion fruit and guava. Subtly aquatic floral notes bring a softer, sensuous touch to the exotic cocktail. A silky vanilla infusion, rounded out with woody notes, suffuses the scent with sun-kissed warmth in the drydown.

L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Eau de Toilette pour l’été

Like its feminine counterpart, Alberto Morillas eases L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme into a sunny Summer mood with a dash of tropical fruit. Juicy kiwi adds zest to the bracing top notes, bracing grapefruit highlighted by aromatic coriander. The heart reveals fragrant pineapple sprinkled with sweet nutmeg. The perfumer adds depth and structure to the scent with a vibrant, woody accord of vetiver and cypress.

Let the exhilarating scent of Summer delight your senses!